Monday, October 15, 2007


I saw this image in fire , I said ,"God Look" he is not in heaven & warning his followers, do not follow me, you will end up here as well.

I see warning here , I have asked a lot of others, what if I died & my image appeared in fire, what would you think? They all say, similar thngs, I would think oh wow , she is not in heaven.

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Religion will take you to hell/only Jesus Christ John14:6 & John3:3

check out this entire site, you will be amazed......your eyes will be opened,look at it prayerfully

Please leave Religion & receive Christ alone as your Lord & Savior, ask Him into your heart & He will come in & dwell in you will see in the site above (link)

do not risk hell/the grave & lake of fire everlasting death without Christ & His Shed Blood sealed by His Holy Spirit Rom.10:9,10 & Luke13:3 ( turn away from all sins unto Christ)or else you(your soul will perish in everlasting death ( the lake of fire)rev.20:10-14
1John1:9,10 confess to God alone
John3:3 your spirit must be born again in Christ ( your flesh cannot be born again)water or religion cannot save you, only Jesus Christ alone.
John14:6 col.1:27 Please believe God & receive Christ your only way to salvation.