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All About God & His Salvation/Religion & False Doctrines

Religion is man's idea of God's expectations of them-do as they do-do what they say-set rules, if you don't do them you feel condemned.

They declare their Religion or Denomination and think by that, they are Christian.They have no abiding relationship with God at all, in fact asking the average person on the street today , if they believe in heaven or hell, they say they believe in heaven but not hell & they do not even believe in God.

They think religious works save them,such as baptism(example)John1:12,13Jesus teaches to be born again is not by the will of your flesh or blood nor of man but by God...........what? Baptism does not save us? absolutely NO.No works, nothing at all you can do to be born again but to believe God & receive Christ into your heart as your Savior Rev.3:20 as demonstrated also in John1:12,13 by God..meaning, if you seek God with all of your heart ,soul & mind, you will find Him, meaning: if you seriously seek Him with your heart , and you do find Him, He will hear your heart & draw you unto His Son & His salvation!!!

Religions have made it seem almost impossible to be born again, to even enter heaven. That Christ didn't do enough, that Christ did not finish His Work on the cross, so now, the lost sinner has to do all these works to be saved, which nothing you can do will save you. They have invented a story of a place you can go to get right with God, because you are not good enough to enter heaven......No such place as purgatory. Either heaven or hell .Either you are born again in Christ Eph.1:7 and forgiven by His shed Blood (or you are not)

Rev.20:12 you are what you are when you go & your works will follow you ==(works are only 2 works, #1 Good of the righteousness of God or #2 sin & evil of the devil)and you will be judged by your works(sins or righteousness)no 2nd chances after you die.

The Christian Church (Jews & Gentiles)One Eph.2:14,15.... Jesus removed the middle wall of partition (mosaic law)it was meant to protect the Jews from pagan corruptions by misconstruing the purpose of the law-the Jews felt superior to the Gentiles, so Jesus abolished this enmity (hatred) caused by the law-by making the law invalid for HIS CHURCH of TWAIN-ONE NEW MAN....Christians & Jews are ONE NEW MAN the Christian Church in Christ Jesus.
the meaning of Moses ' law was fulfilled by Christ Matt.5:17-48 ...Matt.5:20 Because of the necessity of Righteousness as a requirement to enter heaven ,Jesus declares that except their righteousness exceed the righteousness of the scribes & pharisees they could not enter heaven..(The Jews of Jesus' day considered these people to be the most religious in all Israel,however,Their religion was an outward show of self righteousness. Jesus used a series of contrasts between the outward behavior demanded by the law and the INNER attitude of the heart desired by God.

The Law (no murder,no adultery,no divorce,no oath taking,no retaliation,hatred for your enemy (tradition allowed it)
The Spirit( no anger, no lust,Commitment,speak the truth,forgiveness,love your enemy (commanded)

The Purpose of the law was to acknowledge sin Rom.3:20
Gentiles............ Eph2:11 remember in time past you WERE GENTILES in the flesh(sin)and called un circumcision , by that circumcision made by hands
At that time you were without Christ v.12 strangers from the covenant of promise having no hope & without God in the world.v.13 Now in Christ Jesus ,we were far off now are made nigh by the Blood of Christ.
In the Old test .atonement was made by the priest Ex.29:36 and Ex.30:10 & Ex.30:16, & 32:30 BLOOD of sin offering of atonement Ex.30:10
*****Rom.5:11 Whom we now have received the atonement through our Lord Jesus Christ*****
Eph.1:7 in Christ is our salvation & the forgiveness of our sins by His shed Blood
sorry water cannot cleanse your soul of sins**********Heb.9:11-15 Only the shed Blood of Christ cleanses our souls from sins.1John2:2 & Rom.3:25
Religion says Peter is the Rock,. #1 Deut.32:4 God is the Rock v.15 you have forsaken God who made you & lightly esteemed the Rock of your Salvation
1Cor.10:4 All drank the same drink, they drank of the "Spiritual Rock" that followed them, that Rock was Christ.
The Stone of stumbling & a Rock of Offense to them which stumble at the Word being disobedient 1Peter2:8
Rom.9:33 it is written,Behold I lay in Zion a stumbling stone & Rock of offense & whosoever believes on Him shall not be ashamed (1cor.10:4 Christ is the Rock)
Matt.7:25 (parable)the house built upon the rock did not fall, (we are built upon the Rock, Christ & we will NOT fall.
****** There is talk that Jesus gave Peter the keys to heaven and upon him(that rock) Jesus built His Church....***** the solid Rock which Jesus' Church is built upon is Christ , (Peter's confession was, you are the Christ , the Son of the Living God)so upon this ROCK, CONFESSION of Peter's is what we are built up upon Christ by confessing with our mouth Jesus is the Son of God Rom.10:9,10 and believe in your heart He was raised from the dead, you shall be saved.....if you confess with your mouth "Jesus is the Son of God" then you are saved(or born again)thus salvation in Christ because of your belief , are your Keys to Heaven!!!John3:3 you are born again, everlasting life!!!the everlasting life is Christ Jesus.
luke6:48 foundation of the house built on the Rock did not fall, neither do we who are (born again) or built upon the Rock, Jesus Christ.
Rom.15:20 Paul teaches he strives to preach the gospel where Christ was named-if he did not, then he would build another man's foundation (Isaiah52:15 that the message of Christ be brought to those in ignorance
1Cor.3:11 no other foundation can anyone lay upon it but Jesus Christ.
point, when you teach & do other things not taught by Christ , you add another foundation , other then Christ alone.
Eph.2:20 We are built upon the foundation of the Apostles,Christ & the prophets,Jesus the chief cornerstone, in whom all the building fitly framed together (GROWS) into a Holy Temple in the Lord;we are built together for a Habitation of God through the Spirit
2Tim.2:15,19 Rightly divide the Word of TRUTH-shun profane & Vain babblings they increase with more ungodliness-their word will eat as a canker who concerning the truth have erred, saying the resurrection is past-already ,over throw the faith of many-The foundation of God stands sure-having this seal-The Lord knows them that are His-let everyone that names the Name of Christ depart from iniquity.
***** there is this thing going on, whatsoever you bind on earth is bound in heaven & loose on earth is loosed in heaven....Matt.18:18 (simply put:what you forgive of another is loosed, or teach to lead one to freedom in Christ is loosed on earth & God already has done it in heaven...Bind on earth, we by the power of Christ in us Bind & cast out all evil spirits, sickness,bondage etc. which God has done.
the parable :the king (symbolizes God)the servant owed him talents (we owe a debt of sin which we cannot pay,the picture represents God's total forgiveness, God dealing with our sins at the point of salvation,the debt has been paid in full by Christ's shed Blood & we are set free forever.Matt.18:27......
Bullwark........Deut.20:20 You shall Build a bullwark against the city
Eccl.9:14 you shall build a great bullwark against the city.....I am wondering why religion says their church is a bullwark .....when God says cut trees & build a bullwark against a city.
they say their religion is a pillar....Neh.9:12 God led them by a cloudy pillar by day & a pillar of fire by night (God is the pillar and the Bullwark of TRUTH)
please get a revelation here. it is about God not about man & their religion.
Isaiah28:16 Thus saith the Lord, I lay in Zion for a foundation a STONE, a tried Stone, a precious cornersrtone, a sure Foundation !!(Rom.9:33) (1Peter2:6)
Jesus the Rock is the stumbling stone to unbelievers.
Luke17:21 we born again believers in Christ are the Kingdom of God, The Kingdom of God is in us!!!

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