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First, I will be blunt. Jesus Christ NEVER came to earth & laid down His Life& shed His blood for any Religion or Denomination..............Christ laid down His life & shed His Blood for souls, souls , souls, everywhere souls, not some self righteous religion.Calling themselves "The Church"Acts20:28 Take heed unto yourselves & to all the FLOCK(born again Bible believing Christians,sealed w/ HolySpirit cleansed in His soul cleansing Blood)= the Saints of God, the Church)is the Flock of Christ!!;over which Holy Spirit has made you overseers,to FEED the Church of God(FEED the TRUTH of the WORD of God)true spiritual food);which God has purchased with His own Blood,***** (when Christ comes to rapture His Church, it will be souls not a certain religion or denomination, who probably do not even know God or His Word at all.*****There will be no religions or denominations in heaven, Only Souls in Christ Jesus.(Saints....(Rapture 1Thess.4:16,17) and resurrection of your born again spirit in Christ, sealed by His spirit,your earth body dies & Christ receives our born again Spirits John14:2(this is resurrection to life!!)of His Church(Saints)
I will list scriptures, rather then type them all out, which you can look up & read for yourselves. (The Word of God, which is the Holy Bible)there is no other Word of God, Gal.1:6-8, if they teach another, they are accursed.
following the scripture posted above Acts20:28, is v.29 Paul said, after him will come grievous wolves, entering in among you, NOT sparing the flock)church)saints;v.30 also of your own selves men will arise speaking perverse things to draw away disciples after them.(this is all religions having their own doctrines, after traditions of men & not after Christ ***** col.2:8 Beware lest anyone carry you away from "the truth"of the Word of God " (apostacy)by false doctrines/teachings/philosophy & vain deceit-after traditions of men & the world & not after Christ.
This is a double Blog ( Church) and (False Doctrines)
These are the last days & you need to SEE, you need to WAKE UP.Come to Christ alone, while there is still time.
*******Col.1:18 Jesus Christ (alone) is the Head of God's Church.or Body (not any human being or angelic Being)Jesus Christ who is the Beginning ("Beginning-Cause-origin Rev.3:14 ) Jesus Christ ,The Church of God's Head ,Because He is the Origin from which God's Church Comes(Souls),or the Cause of Our or God's Church existance.
Jesus Christ is the first born from the dead,which is the first of a New Creation-("Us") or God's Church- to be resurrected or raptured ,never to die again*******
Jesus alone holds the preeminent position in both the 1st creation (the Universe) and in the new creation (the church)and Jesus holds 1st place in the Born again Beleiver's life. Who BOWS to His authority,obeys His Word,yields to His Spirit ,submits to God alone,does His Will,and bestows our chief affections on Him alone.(not any other spirits;that very well could be in hell)

*****Church is a gathering or assembly; the greek term (ekkle'sia)is congregation or assembly(gathering of the saints , to worship God)
b/t/w.. Acts20:7 shows the clearest evidence that the New Testament Churches assembled on the 1st day of the week.
***** Heb.12:23 the general assembly translates one Greek Word (pane'guris)describes the assembly of God's Church(Soul, or saints)Born again.
Matt.16:18 (again)The Word Church Translated (GR.ekkle'sia)along w. Col.1:18 means literally "a chosen or called out assembly,which is a group of believers in Christ (alone) *****it is not an external organization,denomination,or hierarchical system.*****
******** Therefore , the New Testament Church of believers ,is a local autonomous congregation or assembly of believers ,which is a church in itself.Physically manifested on the Day of Pentecost at Antioch. Jesus promises us, that the gates of hell shall not prevail against us ,the church,So, we (the church) are being on the offensive against the gates of hell, HE enables us His Church to aggressively & offensively attack the gates of hell by snatching out victims from darkness(sin) into His Glorious Kingdom of Light, We His Church are on the offensive and hell is on the defensive.Matt.16:18
God's Word***** 2Tim.3:16 all scripture is spoken by God & is profitable for doctrine,for reproof,for correction, for instruction in righteousness.
Ex.32:16 the tables were written by the hand of God 2Peter1:21 God spoke & Holy Men of God wrote
THE WORD OF GOD, many say not bibical :
Deut.8:3 & Matt.4:4 we are to live by every word that came from the mouth of God
Matt.15:6 you cancel the Word of God
2Cor.4:2 you distort the Word of God v.3 if the gospel be hid it is hid from those who are perishing(they cannot SEE or comprehend God's Word at all, give it all different meanings.....then what God is teaching us.
Heb.4:12 The Word of God is Quick,powerful,sharper then a 2 edged sword,piercing even dividing asunder of soul & spirit & of joints & marrow & a discerner of the thoughts & intents of the heart.
1Peter2:8 you do not obey God's Word the Rock of offense to them which stumble at the Word being disobedient.
Isaiah40:21 they are DEAF to the Word of God
God is the ROCK,,,,not Peter or any other created being.
Deut.32:4 God is the Rock v.15 you have forsaken God which made you & lightly esteemed the ROCK of your salvation
Let's look at Peter , the rock & they say was given the keys to heaven, I sure would like to see this.....KEYS: ok, I am a Bold Teacher & a kidder :)
OK; Jesus asked Peter who did he say Jesus was..Peter's answer was ("the Son of the Living God"(Rom.10:9,10 if you confess Jesus Christ with your mouth, believe in your heart He was raised from the dead , you will be saved...this is your keys to heaven)Pete's confession saying Jesus is the Son of God is the rock upon which Christ Built us up on(His Church) is that we believe & confess Jesus & are saved(everlasting life in Christ... the Keys to Heaven(in Christ Jesus)John3:3 & John3:16 & John14:6!!!!Rom.10:9,10 / 1John1:9,10
Baptism cannot save anyone, you are dunked in the water a sinner & still come back up a WET sinner.
Mark16:15,16 preach the gospel to the world(GR commission for all born again believers):ALL who BELIEVE and are baptized Will be saved.......... BUT all who do not believe.......... will be condemned
Acts8:36,37 if you believe with all of your heart then you may be baptized
the following scriptures in fact all scriptures on baptism, they heard the gospel & believed , were saved, and were baptized
Acts2:41 / Acts8:12 / Acts2:41 / Acts8:32
Infant baptism is no place in scripture, "whole households", they have to be able to Hear(comprehend)and believe, Christ is the Son of God & receive Him as Savior, no baby can do this....and Repent of all sins(again no baby can repent,turn from sins to Christ , Luke13:3 )and confess all sins to God 1John1:9,10 & Once you believe & repent , you now choose to believe & receive Christ as your Savior & now you choose to be baptized to show as a great testimony to all, that you receive Christ as Savior & that you have repented; which a baby cannot do.
Acts2:38 Repent & be baptized ,watch the words,peter said,****Repent(turn from sin to Christ)and be baptized in the name of Christ*** for the remission of sins(once you believe you of course Repent away from sins to Christ,(you have to believe in order to turn away from sins to (Christ) and confess your sins to God & are forgiven 1John1:9,10 & for this (belief,repentance & forgiveness(are we baptized) & you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirita baby can not ever receive the gift of Holy Spirit , or baptism of the Holy Spirit w. manifestation of tongues.;and a ministry!!!(same as Jesus did when He was baptized to show us how. Jesus was sinless, so that theory is blown, that baptism does away with sins.......for the remission of sins: to teach baptismal regeneration (baptism should not be joined to for remission of sins.First,the context of this passage demonstrates that only the repentance(turning away from sins to Christ) is connected with the removal of sins at salvation.:whosoever shall call on the Name of the Lord shall be saved v.21/ Peter's next recorded sermon states only repent.......that your sins may be blotted out(3:19) 2nd throughout Acts men demonstrated their faith(belief )and salvation prior to baptism (cf.10:43-47)3rd the soteriological passages throughout the NT do not include water baptism in the salvation experience-John3:16 whosoever will believe.....Acts16:31 Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ & you shall be saved....Eph.2:1-10 looking at v.8 onward by Grace are we saved through faith;not of ourselves it is the gift of God v.9 not of works ,lest any man should boast (it is a spiritual birth not a water birth, which your first birth is natural by water & in sin nature, which is why we must be born again.not by baptism.Eph.1:7 in Christ are we saved & forgiveness by His shed Blood(not water)
1Peter1:18,19 you were not redeemed with corruptible things ,as silver & gold,from your vain conversation received by tradition from your fathers; BUT with the precious Blood of Christ , as of a Lamb without blemish & w/out spot.
Thus this verse more clearly reads,"Repent for the remission of sins, and be baptized and you will receive the baptism of the Holy Spirit,or gift of the Holy Spirit ." Acts2:38
Eph.4:11,14 God gave 1st Apostles 2nd Prophets, 3rd Evangelists,4th Pastors & 5th teachers. for v.12 the perfecting of the Saints,for the work of the ministry,for the edifying of the Body of Christ
Priests were levitical & only from the line Of Aaron in Old Test.
We, Born again believers in the New Test. are the chosen generation 1Peter2:9 ,10, "a Royal Priesthood"the Priesthood of the believer & their unique relationship to God are described by the terms a chosen generation a Royal Priesthood ... a holy nation;THUS the New Test.Church of Believers stands in a unique relationship to God as did our counterpart priests in the Old Test. Israel
Every Born again Believer has the privilege & responsibility of direct access to God. in the Old Test. the family of Aaron was appointed by God as the priesthood.
In the New Test .the priesthood becomes the birthright of every Christian,like our old test, counterparts , we have direct acess to God!!!

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